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  Private UtilityLocates


Private utility locating has continued to be the safeguard when an excavation project begins.

Private utilities make-up almost 65% of all buried utilities nation-wide.

The U.S has implemented an "811 One Call Center" which will locate only the pubic municipal utilities and in most states is a legal law requirement to notify.

U.SGroundZero has been providing Superior Locates with Infinite Vision and 15 years+ in the field, working in concert with our customers. 

Our #1 objective on Every Locate is Safety. We are setting industry standards in making sure Everyone goes home to every day.....FIRST


Please remember, we are not here to just provide a service,,,we are here to sustain life. 

U.SGroundZero will get you to GroundZero  on all your Residential and Commercial projects.

Please contact us for an unbias professional preview over the phone or via email. correspondence. 


We stand to deliver and serve.


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     Water-Leak Locates


Water-leaks in both residential and commercial industries continue leading the way to excessive property damage. The material used, soil conditions and how long the line has been in the ground are the main reasons it occurs.

The methods in finding water-leaks continues to improve as new ways of installation are coming to the forefront.

Breaking concrete or excavation in the wrong location could become detrimental in creating more property damage and quite costly.

U.SGroundZero uses specialty trade state-or-the-art electromagnetic pipe locators and sonar amplified equipment providing you a Superior Locate and Infinite Vision.

We provide Unbias Professional Diagnosis because we only serve, no repairs here.

U.SGroundZero Utility Locators are here to help in eliminating more property damage.

Please feel free to call or via email for determining YOUR water-leak symptoms.


We will get you to GroundZero!



We stand to deliver and serve, YOU.


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